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Case #23-8578 – Active Threat Targeting the Public with Gun Violence

On April 19th, this suspect was traveling around AP and Ingleside targeting the public with a firearm. At first, he was just stalking individuals out and about. He later decided, while in Ingleside, to start shooting at motorists. His bizarre but violent behavior necessitated an immediate and swift response by law enforcement. APPD utilized it’s LPR system and identified the suspect’s vehicle based on how Flock AI had categorized it. The information was shared with neighboring law enforcement. Ingleside PD, acting swiftly to calls and information at hand, located and nabbed this suspect. You can read more from our original posting.

New LPR Project Assists Officers with Active Public Threat

Case #23-8845 – Burglary of a Motor Vehicle

You might recall us brining you this case back on April 22, 2023. This burglar went around AP using a cigarette lighter to light his way as he burglarized vehicles in AP. We first shared that video and information with you and then began searching the Flock LPR system database to see who was out and about, driving that style of truck, that evening. Within minutes we found a vehicle matching the description and quickly connected the suspect to the video shared with you. Later, we obtained an arrest warrant for the suspect and entered his vehicle into the systems Hotlist. When the suspect decided to return to AP days later, we received an alert, stopped him, and arrested him on the warrant. The LPR system helped us identify him via their AI interpretation of his vehicle and later alerted us so we could stop and arrest him when he returned to AP.

Case #23-9054 – Stolen, Recovered Vehicle

On April 25, 2023, APPD received a hotlist alert of a stolen vehicle entering the city limits. An image of the vehicle was captured and shared and officers responded to the location where it was seen coming in. Officers quickly intercepted the vehicle, stopped it, and took the driver into custody. The vehicle had been reported stolen out of Corpus Christi.

San Patricio County Murder Investigation Assisted by APPD LPR System.

On May 8th, San Patricio County Sheriff Oscar Rivera reported to APPD a double murder investigation his department was working on. APPD investigators immediately assisted by researching the LPR system. AP investigators located the victim’s vehicle exiting AP shortly before he and his passenger were murdered. The LPR system also captured the suspect’s vehicle not far behind.

Because this case remains active, we cannot share further details. Sheriff Rivera did report this speedy action and information captured by the LPR system was helpful in their investigation.

Initial report from the Sheriff.

Update from the Sheriff.

With great tools, comes great responsibility. We’ve instituted policies as a guide for the department’s use of this new technology. I likewise encourage you to review the policies and transparency portal should you have concerns or reservations about APPD utilizing this great crimefighting tool. Staff abuse of the tool is strictly forbidden and these policies help protect against that.

Directive to Staff & Policy over Use

Join the Fight Against Crime!

Over the years, several neighborhood organizations along with home owner associations and organizations have inquired about neighborhood watch programs and programs meant to work with law enforcement in such fashion as this program.

If you’d like to join the Flock community here in AP and strengthen your community partnership with APPD, you can inquire here for more information:

Likewise, do not hesitate to reach out to me directly. I can facilitate this within the community and help your neighborhood get started with this program, today! – Chief Eric Blanchard.

“Just another way we here at APPD work hard partnering with and protecting our beloved community!”

– Chief Eric Blanchard