New Training Aid to Assist Officers

Courtesy of the Aransas Pass Crime Control and Prevention District Board, the Aransas Pass Police Department was able to invest in the purchase of Simunition training equipment for officers.  Simunitions retrofit to regular duty firearms carried by our officers.  The kits will not chamber live rounds when attached to a firearm and only allow for the use of FX Marking Simunition rounds.  These rounds are detergent based rounds that are harmless when used properly.  These kits allow for the officers firearms to function much like a standard duty firearm.  However, the projectile will not threaten the life of the person at the other end.

The goal of this training project is the implement proper firearms training when officers certify with their weapons at the range.  In accordance with federal mandates, officers are to practice shooting methods that incorporate static, dynamic, and interactive type training scenarios.  With the utilization of simunitions, officers and acting bad-guys can now be armed with fully functional firearms while they practice real-life scenarios.

Not every situation will be a shooting scenario.  Officers will be put into situations that will elevate their stress levels and force them into split second decision situations, similar to real life events on duty.  The focus is to concentrate on training officers how to think, react, and stay on top of a situation during the most stressful and volatile times.

Our training division plans, in time, to share these tools with other agencies as well during training exercises.  The purpose of collaborating with outside, neighboring agencies is to assist those agencies with their training, learn to cooperate with outside agency officers that may come into our community on real-life police situations, and to ultimately provide the highest level training within the officers serving our communities.

We will post more pictures and videos as the training exercises begin so stay tuned…