Officer-Involved Shooting – 1307 W. Wheeler


*Update 4/20/2021 @ 1:00 p.m.

The deceased suspect is identified as Antonio Cantu AGE 52. Cantu resides in Edinburg, Texas but travels between Edinburg and Aransas Pass for work. Cantu arrived in Aransas Pass to begin his workweek hours before the shooting took place. We are told he was scheduled to be at work at 6 p.m. Monday evening but never showed up. At this time, the investigation into what led Cantu to pull a firearm on officers and shoot remains a mystery. This investigation continues.

On behalf of the Aransas Pass Police Department, our hearts and prayers are with Cantu’s family and friends, as well as our officers involved and their families. No officer ever wishes to find himself/herself in such an event on-duty, and it’s extraordinarily difficult when the situation leaves so many unanswered questions as this one has.

We have spoken with Cantu’s immediate family and offered them, or their representative, the opportunity to view the officers’ body-worn video footage. However, out of respect for the family and close loved ones to Mr. Cantu, we do not intend on releasing any portion of the video publicly at this time.


As with all rapidly evolving events, the information shared is subject to change or correction. When new information becomes available or a correction/update is needed, those updates will append to this original release.