Public Safety Staff Recognized – Wildland Fire 2022

Tuesday evening, during the regular meeting of the City Council, I recognized 21 public safety employees for their above and beyond service to our community. On Saturday, August 20, 2022, just after 2:40 p.m., emergency services responded to the area of the Transfer Station located at 900 W. Myrtle Avenue for a brush fire. Come to find out, the fire was beyond the transfer station in a more heavily wooded area.

The fire burned for just over 13 hours and consumed roughly 205 acres of vegetation. Fire response crews focused their efforts on critical infrastructure to protect it from the blaze. As a result, many homes and structures were spared.

The efforts of this staff and those outside resources that came to our aid were vital in the successful outcome of this devastating wildland fire. Had it not been for the leadership, direction, and skill of these public servants, we’d definitely be in a much worse situation today.

My hats off to each of you for your stellar performance and service to our community during this event. God bless you all.