Reactivation of the Aransas Pass Railroad

Many of you are probably familiar with the railroad tracks that run north and south through AP. They intersect with several streets located just to the east of Commercial Street. They’ve long since been inactive, but that is about to change. It’s important that motorists take notice. Union Pacific reconditioned and recently reactivated this rail line. You will begin to see train traffic coming and going through town, and we want you, AP, to be prepared with some of the public safety implications of such reactivation.

As you see here, not all of our railroad crossings have safety gates or even safety signals installed, and much of the signage observed has been there over the years. We’d expect that many of our AP natives have become numb to the fact a railroad even exists, and therein lies our concerns. We continue to work with the railroad service seeking the installation of flashing lights or railroad arms to better warn AP motorists of the impending approach of a train.

Motorists must remain vigilant when approaching a marked railroad crossing. Pause or stop, listen and look before crossing the tracks. Remember, it’s unlawful to stop, stand (which means to pause), or park on or across railroad tracks. Your vehicle must remain in motion as it crosses. Again, that’s the law, and our officers will try to work to educate folks they find in violation. Your safety remains our ultimate goal, AP.

Additional information to consider:

Aransas Pass Railroad warning placard
Danger placards associated with hazardous cargo (just one example)
Aransas Pass Railroad signage
Railroad Crossing Designation Signage
Aransas Pass Railroad placard explanation
Danger placards reference guide


Report malfunctioning gates or signals to Union Pacific at 1-800-848-8715.

  • Know what city you are in;
  • Know the street/highway name & nearest intersection;
  • X-ING number (number affixed to a sign at the railroad intersection).
Aransas Pass Railroad xing reporting
Railroad Crossing Number

You can also find out more reporting options here online or even file the report online.

Learn about the materials coming and going through AP via the Railroad:

Aransas Pass Railroad placard

Locations of Railroad Crossings:

  • E Stapp/Huff St
  • E Maddox
  • E Wheeler
  • E Wilson
  • E Goodnight (only crossing that has lights and RR arms)
  • E Ransom
  • E Johnson
  • E Beasley FM 2725 (right after Moose Lodge, our Fire ETJ)

*** NOTICE: Most of these intersections do not have any railroad arms or signal lights. Motorists need to yield, stop and look both ways and listen for the train.