Recent Drug Abuse & Crime in the Coastal Bend and AP

Late this past month (February), my social media staff shared a glimpse of information about the recent deadly strain of drugs going around our community. After discussing our experiences with neighboring communities, I learned we were not alone. Nearby communities were also dealing with an influx of drug overdoses.

APPD’s goal of sharing this information is to convey to drug users that it’s never too late to make life-changing choices, choices that could save one’s life. Additionally, we decided to advocate more strongly for rehab and recovery instead of mere criminal enforcement. While some perceived this information differently, the majority understood it as being in addition to enforcement, not in place of enforcement. Ultimately, the goal is to improve the quality of life for all in and those who visit AP.  

On Wednesday, 3/16/2022, two AP detectives assigned to the DEA task force directed an operation involving two drug raids on known drug locations. We were assisted by members of our police department, the DEA, and Homeland Security. These locations are known to us for both the sale and use of intravenous narcotics. Those drugs include methamphetamine and heroin. Information and evidence gained from your tips point to our recent overdose cases likely stemming from the activities at these two locations.  

Location #1: Paladin Motel, 150 N. Commercial Street.

Location #2: 209 N. Houston Street.

These raids netted several grams of meth and a quantity of heroin (weight not known at the time of this writing). Some of these drugs were contained inside loaded syringes ready for injection. Additionally, both locations had several articles of drug paraphernalia, further supporting evidence of usage and manufacturing/delivering of illegal narcotics. Additional investigative evidence was also collected but cannot be discussed at this time.

Three arrests were made. Dalton Pool AGE 27 – charged with Possession of Heroin and Meth, Pedro Villarreal AGE 39 – charged with Possession of Heroin and Meth, and John Welch AGE 43 – charged federally.  

These two investigations, along with others, continue. However, we do anticipate more to come, so stay tuned. If we can, we will share more, but remember that we are severely limited on just how much information we can share about cases we investigate and prosecute at the federal level.  

Here are some initial images from these two search warrants. These images were taken immediately after securing the two locations.

If you or someone you know struggles with an addiction or any type of substance abuse problem, reach out to us, and let’s have a conversation. We can sit down and open a dialogue between whomever you feel comfortable with and yourself and try to facilitate available services. We would all rather see you excel and do well in life than someone sitting in jail and losing all hope of becoming clean and sober.

You can contact us any time, day or night via our website (chat option), Facebook messenger, by phone at 361-758-5224, or walk in and ask for the Chief.

Do you want to help us pursue and arrest drug dealers? Tip us. Want to be an informant and make even more money? Contact the Chief directly.