Shooting Disturbance case #22-25913


Arthur Stueber AGE 33

This past evening, Tuesday, 11-01-2022, around 10:40 p.m., APPD officers responded to the area of the AP Walmart for a man with a gun. Officers were told an active disturbance where gunshots had been fired was occurring. Additionally, officers were told a Uhaul was involved in the disturbance and observed one at Mcdonald’s when they arrived. After looking into this Uhaul, officers immediately learned it was the wrong Uhaul, and another Uhaul vehicle was across the street at the Checkout business.  Upon contacting the second Uhaul, officers confirmed it to be the one involved.

Officers learned a male subject fired multiple shots from a handgun that struck the Uhaul. The involved female had been assaulted by the male, Arthur Stueber AGE 33, who was known to her. When the female tried to call 911, Stueber interfered by trying to prevent her from doing so. The female did not suffer an injury during the fray. Both Stueber and the female are from Indiana and the San Marcos, Texas, area.

According to a witness, Stueber fled on foot toward Ingleside and may have been picked up by another person. The female victim could then escape the incident to the Checkout business and was able to summon the police.  

Police found blood at the location where the fight took place, nearest Walmart in the parking lot. It is believed the blood came from Stueber from a possible head injury. Evidence from the scene was collected along with shell casings. The firearm remains outstanding, and Stueber is likely still armed.  

Medial inquiries should be directed to Det. Troy Poe at 361-758-5224.

As with all rapidly evolving events, the information shared is subject to change or correction. When new information becomes available or a correction/update is needed, those updates will append to this original release.