Shrimporee Public Safety Booth

[lightbox link=”” thumb=”” width=”1655″ align=”center” title=”” frame=”true” icon=”image” caption=””]Shrimporee Public Safety Booth – Shrimporee is just days away and we are so excited!! We will have staff on scene with fun, prizes and lots of public safety information. Additionally, our Animal Control Department will be out doing adoptions again this year. But most of all, we have a HUGE prize in store for one lucky winner.

That’s right! We will be playing Pigemon trivia this year. If you can answer all the questions right, you get a raffle ticket. Get the bonus question right, too, and you get an extra ticket. You must stop by our booth, pick up a drawing poster which will have the questionnaire on the back. Once you’ve completed it, bring it by and we will sign off on it and give you a ticket. That’s it! You’re in… So what do you win?

That’s the huge part, this year. We will be raffling off tickets to a local water park in Corpus Christi. But the grand prize is going to blow your mind!! The grand prize is a two night stay on the Riverwalk in San Antonio and four accompanying tickets for Schlitterbahn New Braunfels.

Shhh!!! We have a secret to share. Wanna know what it is?
[popup text=”Click to Reveal the Secret…” header=”SHHHH….” animate=”true” icon_before=”puzzle-piece” icon_after=”puzzle-piece” color=”blue” size=”large”]

Here are some of the questions. Now you’ll be ready for Shrimporee!

  1. Which Pig-E-Mon character is “more disastrous than a double full moon on Friday the 13th?”
  2. Which Pig-E-Mon character is the “keeper of the secrets?”
  3. Which Pig-E-Mon character is greater than Chuck Norris?
  4. Which Pig-E-Mon character knows that being “vertically challenged” (short) is okay?
  5. Name one Pig-E-Mon character who has glasses.
  6. Name the “gentle giant.”
  7. What color is Duirtle, the dolphin?
  8. This lady like character appeared in the first Pig-E-Mon video with the Chief?
  9. BONUS QUESTION: *****************
    (You’ll have to wait to see that one…)


[jumbotron title=”GRAND PRIZE!!!” bg_color=”#000000″ title_size=”30px” text_size=”24px” text_color=”#FFFFFF” text_align=”center” align=”center” wpautop=”true”]
2 Night – Wyndham Hotel – San Antonio Riverwalk &
4 Passes – Schlitterbahn Waterpark – New Braunfels

How awesome is that!! Be sure to thank the sponsors of our grand prize. They are Ads Venture Media, Wyndham Garden, and the Aransas Pass Chamber of Commerce.

Collect ’em all!!

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