Traffic Signs Added

4-way_stop_signTraffic Signs Added – The City Traffic Engineer and Police Department determined a four-way stop intersection needs to go in at the intersection of Maddox and McCampbell. The four-way stop intersection is scheduled to be installed on Monday June 8, 2015. Additionally, signage stating “Caution, Children at Play,” or something closely similar, is to be installed to warn motorists both on McCampbell and Maddox.

Caution ChildrenAs a result of the newly remodeled park and new park equipment, there has been a steady flow of visitors to the park. Additionally, residents and staff recognize safety concerns related to the influx of traffic and pedestrians.

In an effort to keep our children safe, the new signage is essential and will serve to supplement increased police presence and enforcement within the area.

Intersection Maddox McCampbell