Message from Chief – AP Officer Injured

On Wednesday, May 22, 2024, just after 10:30 a.m., Captain Alvin Luker, our Aransas Pass PD patrol captain, was struck by another motorist in an SUV. Capt. Luker was on his 3-wheel motorcycle and was hit from behind in front of Aransas Autoplex. Capt. Luker was thrown from the bike and left with significant injuries. Your APPD public safety team, PD, Fire, and EMS responded as is customary in a major crash. As you can imagine, many were not expecting to see one of their own seriously injured.

As of now, Capt. Luker has a long road to recovery. He requires surgeries to repair broken bones, arterial damage, and nerve damage. Once they complete the initial surgery in Corpus Christi, he will be transferred to a larger city in Texas for additional surgeries.  

Capt. Luker, a committed public servant and Marine, first arrived in Aransas Pass shortly after Hurricane Harvey. He responded to the area to help a family member recover from Hurricane Harvey storm damage.  He fell in love with Aransas Pass and the police department. He resigned from his Colorado law enforcement job and rehomed to Aransas Pass and the Aransas Pass Police Department.  

He excelled quickly, rising through the ranks to patrol captain. But don’t be fooled; that position has him maintaining many skills, including – boat operations, marine rescue operations, investigative duties, and TCOLE-certified instructor duties for the department and area law enforcement staff. And on top of all that, he maintains his assigned captain duties. Due to our recent officer shortage, Capt. Luker remains committed to being one of the first to step up and fill open shifts for his troops. He is a leader by absolute example and is respected by all within the APPD and public safety family. His demonstration of selfless service and commitment to improving the quality of life for all who live, work, and visit Aransas Pass speak volumes. But now, he and his family face the challenge of a lifetime: recovery and personal responsibilities.

At this time, Capt. Luker is the sole breadwinner. Temporary living/travel expenses from the impending out-of-town medical needs place the family in a significant financial dilemma. As a result, his partners in the business have created this donation fund account for those who would be ever so generous in giving back and helping out the family. His family and our APPD team would most appreciate any assistance.

We understand that not all are capable. Don’t feel left out from helping! More than anything, he and his family need prayers. So please pray for Mr. and Mrs. Luker, their families, and our APPD team impacted by this event. Also, pray for the other motorist involved, as one might imagine, that driver is likely also struggling with having been involved in this significant crash.  

With sincerity, respect, and appreciation – Thank you, AP! 🙏🏼

– Chief Blanchard