Active Attack Integrated Response Training

Last week APPD officers, along with other area first responders, were at the Aransas Pass High School conducting the ALERRT Active Attack Integrated Response Training. You might remember a little over a month ago, we hosted the instructor certification version of this course, and now we are able to put this class on for the rest of our responders.

These courses focused on the active attack response, including single officer tactics, but were primarily focused on the integration with other law enforcement responders, integration with school I.S.D. staff, and rescue task force operations (firefighters and medics working in the “warm zones” for rapid casualty evacuation).

During this course, we also offered a voluntary course to all APISD staff which included the ALERRT Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE) course, a refresher course on “Stop the Bleed,” and an overview of LE Response, Rescue Task Force Operation, and the LE Rescue Model. We also invited APISD staff to join us to be part of the scenarios. APISD staff was able to fill different roles within the events, including being part of the incident command system, being a school guardian member, and being an injured role player. This was intended to provide them with the information they may need should we ever have an event like this here in AP.

This is a 2-day course, and we offered it twice. We had 42 first responders and 15 APISD staff members take part in these training classes.

The students who participated in this course were pushed to their limits, were placed in extremely high-stress situations, and their skills were constantly being evaluated. They all did an amazing job, and we can confidently say they are ready to respond in a time of need.

These courses involve a ton of planning, dedication, and work to put on. This course has been in the works for well over a year, and it is thanks to the dedication of the instructors, APPD command staff, and APISD that we were able to make these courses a reality. For this course, we had numerous instructors who deserve special recognition for all the hard work and planning they put into these courses and all of our active attack training classes over the summer. Thank you to Detective T. Poe, HSEO J. McCarty, Det. Sgt. F. Kent, TCO J. Flowers, FF R. Taylor (APFD), and Sgt. J. Gates.

Amazing job to all involved. Here are some pictures from our training classes over the last week.

/S/ Capt. Aaron Jones – Training Coordinator