Advanced TCOLE Instructor

Last week we hosted the Advanced TCOLE Instructor Course at the Aransas Pass Civic Center. We had an amazing instructor for the class, Antonio Zarzoza with Instructor Z and Associates International, who we are having back here in a few months for two more great courses.

Captain Jones and Detective Poe recently attended this course when it was hosted in the valley and knew this was content that needed to be brought back to our department. Instructor – Z was able to get this course set up, and it was opened to area Law Enforcement Agencies to attend as well.

This course covered not only instructor skills and preparation, but covered modern methods for effectively training adults, creating a productive learning environment, and allowed these students to instruct in a real-world environment in ways they never had before.

Congratulations to the following students who successfully completed this course and have now gained the prestige of being an Advanced TCOLE Instructor.

Officer Moriah Lisko – Aransas Pass Police Department

Corporal Aaron Shelton – Texas DPS

HSEO Jack McCarty – Aransas Pass Police Department

Sergeant Alvin Luker – Aransas Pass Police Department

TCO/Officer John Flowers – Aransas Pass Police Department

Deputy Jay D. Hinojosa – San Patricio County Sheriff’s Office