Alleged Human Trafficking “Post” – Walmart

Good Monday morning, AP!

This past weekend, some of you alerted us to this post online by a non-resident who was likely visiting in town. On the surface, this post is as alarming to you as it is to us. I requested that the post’s author reach out to us via our PD Facebook page or by calling in to speak with the Captain over investigations. The author has since removed my response front the post.

When this event was said to have occurred, we had an officer providing Wal-Mart with off-duty police security. The officer reported not being involved in or knowing of such an event.

The detective assigned has found other instances online where people post very similar happens at different stores and locations. So, with that said, we cannot confirm the veracity of this event.

However, we want to know more if more is to be known. Please get in touch with us directly at 361-758-5224 if you have further information related to this event. One can also tip us via Tri-County Crimestoppers at 361-758-TIPS or online at

Regardless of what results here, personal security nowadays remains a must and the personal responsibility of us all. Likewise, we at APPD must do what we can to look into instances like this to either prove them up and go after those attempting to commit a crime or dispel them as falsity or scare tactics. At this time, this one is leaning more toward the latter.

-Chief Blanchard