Brutal Grim Reaper Rapist – in Custody.

Original Post, Case #13-13995

Back in October 2013, we bought you information about this brutal rape case. The suspect preyed on the lone female victim while she was out during the early morning hours on N. Commercial Street. He brutalized her, knocking her unconscious and raping her. Police had little to go on but did recover DNA evidence from the scene and victim. Approximately a year or more later, we received word that the rapist struck again, this time in the Houston area. We’d soon learn he also had raped another female in AP a few years after the 2013 case as well.

Capt. Kyle Rhodes remained vigilant in investigating this case and managed to identify the rapist as Adrian Martinez (AKA: Edwardo Pena) AGE 38. After tracking him down and taking him into custody, a confirmed DNA specimen was collected from him and submitted to the lab. He was soon after linked to the two rape cases in AP as well as a trespassing case and rape in the Houston area. At this time, it is unknown if he is tied to any other cases, but our investigation continues.

If you have any information about this suspect or any other cases he may be tied to, please contact Capt. Kyle Rhodes at 361-758-5224 or tip us via Tri-County Crimestoppers at 361-758-TIPS or online at Media inquiries should be directed to Capt. Rhodes.