On January 2nd, at 8:42 pm, officers attempted to stop a vehicle for speeding on Hwy 361.  Once the vehicle was pulled over safely in a parking lot, contact was made with the driver, Noelle Wamsley. As the officer was speaking to Wamsley, he could detect a strong odor of marijuana and also spotted a small smoked marijuana roach in the center console.  Wamsley was asked to step out of the vehicle, as she did so, officers noticed that her pocket had a sizeable bulge. She was then asked to empty out her pockets, Wamsley then pulled out several bills totaling to $700.00. Wamsley was placed into hand restraints and detained while one of the officers on scene continued the search of the vehicle.

After a thorough search of the vehicle, the searching officer found 2.76 lbs of Marijuana, individually wrapped and sealed and more money totaling out to $5481.00.

Noelle Wamsley was placed under arrest for Delivery of Marijuana ¼ oz < 5 lbs and is currently in our facility.Wamsley4Wamsley