Communications Rodeo AP

This week, we hosted a Rodeo… Well, not a regular rodeo; a communications rodeo.

Aransas Pass Emergency Management hosted this event with the Coastal Plain LEPC and with assistance from the Rockport Public Safety Center.

A Communications Rodeo is an event where first responders from all walks come together to test radio and communications interoperability.

During major events, we often gain assistance from first responders from all over the region. With so many responders and so many departments represented, interoperable communications are a necessity, yet at times a struggle. We also tested backup systems should our primary methods of communication become inoperable, such as they did during Hurricane Harvey.

At this event, we welcomed at least 15 separate organizations from police departments, sheriff’s departments, communications centers, fire departments, and EMS providers.

I am thrilled to report that thanks to the efforts of each department and with a special thanks to Sheriff Oscar Rivera (San Patricio County), our region is proving its improved interoperability and communication abilities with all first responders.

I know that we missed a few, but here are a few of the departments that were represented at this event:

  • Aransas Pass PD (and communications trailer)
  • Aransas Pass Fire Department
  • Tri-County EMS
  • Aransas County Sheriff’s Office
  • Rockport Police Department
  • Rockport Public Safety Center
  • Portland PD
  • Texas Division of Emergency Management
  • Ingleside Police Department (and Communications)
  • San Patricio County Fire Marshall
  • San Patricio Health Department
  • Fulton Fire Department (and communications trailer)
  • San Patricio County Sheriff’s Office (and communications trailer)
  • Ingleside on the Bay Fire Department
  • Rockport Fire Department
  • San Patricio County Emergency Management

Here are some pictures from the event.

Thank you to each department who participated and made this event possible.