CRASE McDonald’s

Yesterday morning Capt. Jones and Detective Poe spent the morning at Mcdonald’s. Although their breakfast is amazing, they were there for another reason. APPD instructed the Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events course for their employees and area managers.

This course is designed to instruct civilians on the proper response to an active shooter or active attack event. This curriculum includes a history of active attacks, stress responses, and the principles of Avoid, Deny, Defend.

Thank you McDonald’s AP, for taking the initiative to provide this instruction to your employees, being prepared, and keeping the safety of your employees a top priority.

If your business or organization is interested in this type of training, contact Capt. Aaron Jones at or (361) 758-5224.

This course will also be part of our Civilian Defense Academy; more information will be posted soon about the upcoming academy.