CCPD Purchases Heavy Body Armor for AP Officers


CCPD Purchases Heavy Armor for AP Officers – In the wake of the Dallas shooting that left 5 Dallas Area officers dead, the Aransas Pass Crime Control and Prevention District (AP CCPD) sprung into action. Detective Frank Kent lead movement to obtain supplemental body armor and the AP CCPD got behind the project. AP CCPD approved $13,302.00 for the purchase.

The armor includes front, rear, and side metal plates that are extra thick, heavy, and carry a protective coating over them. They weight around 60lbs each. A tactically vest carrier houses the heavy body armor plates. Additionally, the AP CCPD purchased adjustable ballistic rated helmets to protect the officer’s head.

These helmets are similar the the one that saved a Florida officer’s life during the Pulse Nightclub shooting. The helmet is light weight but rated to stop certain bullets. Each officer adjusts the helmet to fit the dimensions of his or her head. In all, AP CCPD purchased twenty-seven pieces of heavy armor and helmets to equip all officers.

Officers carry the armor with them at all times. In a time of need, officers will place the tactical, supplemental body arm on over their existing ballistic vests. This adds a second layer of protection to help protect against high power rifle rounds. Further, officers now train with the heavy body armor.

About the Crime Control and Prevention District – In 2009, voters in Aransas Pass approved the creation of the Aransas Pass Crime Control and Prevention District. AP CCPD is responsible for collecting ½ cent sales tax each month. A civilian board comprised of residents within Aransas Pass governs how the taxed monies are spent. The monies must be used to reduce the crime rate, provide for policing staff, support training, and provide tools of the trade for law enforcement. For more information, please visit the AP CCPD webpage.