Murder Investigation

EVENT #20-1451 – MURDER

***UPDATE 3/28/2023 @ 9:20 AM ***

This past Friday, 3/24/2023, the San Patricio County District Attorney was able to obtain convictions and prison sentences in this case without going to trial.

Jaime Garcia and Luis Perez both plead to 10 years for tampering with evidence (a human body). Luis Garza-Gonzales (AKA Breaker) plead to 35 years for murdering Maloney. Again, all three will now head to prison.

I appreciate the diligent, hard work of my investigative team and the partnership we have with DA Sam Smith and his San Patricio County DA staff. This was a very difficult case to investigate and put together. These violent individuals won’t harm any others in our Coastal Bend Communities for many years to come.

Rebecca Maloney and her family remain in our thoughts and prayers. 🙏