Water Crisis, Aransas Pass – Final Release

Here’s the wrap-up for the day on what has been keeping us busy to remedy the current water crisis:

  1. TCEQ flew two separate water samples from the City of AP water system to a lab outside of Houston and one in Savannah, GA. We appreciate Governor Abbot and his team affording us his plane to expedite this delivery.
  2. TCEQ continues to investigate the believed source of the contamination with City staff.
  3. The City of AP will only issue an “all-clear” once all samples come back negative. There will be NO DOWNGRADING to a water boil for this crisis. Either the water is safe or it’s not.
  4. We are told we might receive results as soon as Sunday evening or as late as Tuesday morning. Our current response plan has been built out through Tuesday, but we are prepared to extend it as needed.
  5. Self-serve water distribution continues and will so long as supplies remain available.

Recap & What’s Next?

  • We continue to provide for the fundamental needs (water) of our community.  
  • We continue to work towards obtaining an “all-clear” in collaboration with TCEQ’s recommendation.
  • We will continue to delve into the reasons as to why this crisis began in the first place.
  • We will work on establishing safeguards to help prevent a similar type of crisis from arising in the future, so long as we maintain the authority to do so.

This concludes the update for Saturday, 06/26/2021. We will be back with more, Sunday 06/27/2021.  

Water Crisis Hotline

City Staff remains available from 9 am to 5 pm. For any questions related to this event, call 361-758-5301 and enter extension 2100. Also, remember to sign up for our alerts and emergency information at https://police.aptx.gov/ea.

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