Water Crisis, Aransas Pass – Final Release

The City will continue water distribution after 4 pm today. However, there are going to be a few changes. Here are those details:

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🥰 Thank you H-E-B! 🥰
  • City staff will no longer provide you the muscle for loading water into your vehicles. Be sure to bring your own muscle.
  • There remains a limit to 3 cases per vehicle. You must leave, deliver those cases, and then return if you require more. This allows for equal access for all AP residents in need.
  • You must provide proof of residency or personal impact from the Aransas Pass Water Crisis. If you are not affected by this crisis and still try to obtain water, you are committing theft during a disaster. If we catch you, you will like to be arrested. Fair warning.
  • Security and police will monitor the distribution site through the weekend as long as it’s operational.
  • Look out for your neighbors and those who might not be able to obtain water for themselves. Lend a helping hand.
  • Those who are observed returning over and over and over again will be turned away. Please do not take advantage of this event. Doing so only deprives another in need.
  • REMEMBER!!! HEB and Walmart and those retailers within and in surrounding communities have safe water to sell. Go patronize these businesses. Start with HEB, they donated an entire truckload and were here bright and earlier looking out for our community. Thank you HEB!

Here is the traffic plan. Please follow it or you could be turned away. Traffic should not stop on the roadway to load. Doing so could result in a citation being issued or you being sent to the back of the line.

Self-serve water distribution traffic plan
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