Anticipated Traffic Disruption, Take Note

Beginning as soon as next Tuesday (8/3/2021), windmill moving contractors plan to transport upwards of 75 windmill blades through Aransas Pass City limits. This transportation project will cause traffic disruption due to the need of the transportation crew having to drive against the flow of traffic while traveling northwest on Harrison Blvd. The company anticipates 2-4 transportation disruptions a week. These intermittent disruptions might take upwards of 10-15 minutes. According to TxDOT, the company will provide a detour route, flaggers, and a police presence during this stretch inside Aransas Pass.

We understand these types of traffic disruptions can be frustrating. However, this is an approved project, and motorists are required to follow flagger guidance. The police officer assisting these crews ensures the company complies with TxDOT approved plans and monitors motorists for compliance with flagger instructions.