AP Police Dismantle a Theft and Burglary Ring

On Tuesday, January 22, 2013, AP Police detectives and officers were investigating a string of burglaries and thefts within Aransas Pass, Texas. Officers identified James Christopher Porter, Colt Ralston, and Reynaldo Rodriguez as probable suspects in these many cases. Detectives managed to track down Porter in Ingleside, Texas and were able to arrest him after a short foot chase. Porter ended up confessing to charges and admitted to being involved in several more burglaries consistent with open, active cases being investigated by AP Police. AP Police detectives also managed to track down  and arrest Ralston just moments after he committed yet another burglary. Ralston subsequently confessed to multiple burglaries and thefts within Aransas Pass, Texas.

During the course of this ongoing investigation, AP Police identified Rodriguez as another suspect involved in this crime spree.  On 01/25/2013, AP Police were able to arrest Rodriguez.

AP Police detectives continue to investigate and advise that more arrests may follow as these cases continues to unfold.

[box style=”notice”]As a result of these three arrests, AP Police were able to clear up 9 local burglary/theft cases.  So far, the total amount of property stolen is over $10,000.00, much of which has been or is in the process of being recovered. Furthermore, AP Police were able to link these suspects to at least two other property crimes committed in surrounding jurisdictions. [/box]