APPD Led Investigation Leads to Signifcant OCDETF Bust

Great news from our partners within the US Attorneys office. We’ve been eagerly waiting to share these details with you, AP. Several of these names are familiar to those of us who have been in the law enforcement business for many years here in San Patricio County. Unfortunately, these cases, when they are operated at the level this group was working at, take time and resources outside of many small town means. 

Fortunately, our DEA/OCDETF task force officers were able to focus on this group. But why, you ask?  Why this group operating out of Sinton, primarily?  Great question!

This group, at least 20 individuals, was responsible for a large amount of drugs being delivered into AP. The amount was significant enough we focused more closely and learned the players involved weren’t so unfamiliar to some of us. After a lengthy investigation and through the close working cooperation with our federal partners, Sinton PD, San Patricio County SO, and Texas DPS this criminal organization is now in federal custody and will remain for quite some time. 

More to come, so stay tune, AP…

⁃ Chief Blanchard.