Dispatchers Awarded, Chief’s Citation

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Dispatchers Awarded the Chief’s Citation

During last nights City Council Meeting, I recognized three of my Communications officers, Captain Lynn Pearce, Communications Supervisor John Flowers, and Communications Officer & Social Media Girl Erica Murphy. They received the Chief’s Citation Award. The three creatively worked with local businesses to help achieve compliance with Kari’s Law.

Chief's citationKari’s Law took effect on September 1, 2016. The law requires that businesses permit direct dialing to 911. This means a business may not require a person to first dial 9 for an outside line. Dialing 9 to get an outside line is common in most hotels across the nation. You can learn more about the law here. According to Kari’s father, Hank Hunt, telecommunicators embrace the law the most.

Between the months of May and August, Aransas Pass Telecommunicators Flowers and Murphy visited most, if not all, businesses within Aransas Pass. Their goal – make sure all businesses were in compliance with the law or help them get there. Not all passed, at first. But all, however, took a strong interest in fulfilling the legal requirement.

Compliant businesses were highlighted on the departments social media pages. We favorably promoted businesses for prioritizing the safety of its patrons and staff. We assisted failing business so they too could come into compliance. This project captured the attention of the Hunt family.

Hank reached out to us and explained how our efforts were unique and unlike any other law enforcement agency across the State. Mr. Hunt and family were so ecstatic with our efforts, he and his wife drove down to personally thank us. Additionally, we used this opportunity to further promote family violence awareness within the Coastal Bend.

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