Community Partnership, Nabs ID Thief in the Act

Information Release
Case #22-11851, ID-Theft (Fraud)
Date: 05/18/2022
Location: Allen Samuels, AP

Raymond Luna, AGE 33

Around 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, 5/18/2022, three subjects arrived at the Allen Samuels dealership here in AP. While two remained inside the vehicle (BMW with paper tags), one entered the dealership and presented staff with fake identification seeking financing to purchase a car. After running a credit report, the Austin victim swiftly reported his information being used at the dealership without his permission. Allen Samuel’s staff & APPD immediately sprung into action to end this criminal episode.

Once AP officers arrived on location, they confronted Raymond Luna, AGE 33, but failed to find those with him because they left Luna to fend for himself (great friends). Luna, a convicted felon, had a stolen firearm and stolen identifying information on him while officers dealt with him. Additionally, Luna attempted to purchase a vehicle on the Austin victim’s credit.

Fortunately, officers were able to connect the dots while closely working with astute dealership staff to end Luna’s criminal efforts. As a result, we’re confident he won’t be using anyone else’s credit for a while, especially to purchase commissary.

This example, among so many here in AP, represents the partnership and close relationship we have with our community stakeholders. Our public safety mission would not be a success without y’all, AP! Public safety is a community responsibility, and our community exemplifies that effort here in AP. Way to go, AP!