Deceptive Subject Trying to Earn Easy Money

[box style=”alert”]*** UPDATE
This subject has been identified and cited for the applicable city ordinance violation. Other than peddling without a permit, AP Police have no other evidence at this time that would lead us to believe another crime was afoot.  We do want to thank the public for their support and information which help us locate and identify this individual and the business he is working for.[/box]

Over the weekend, concerned residents contacted police advising about the subject pictured within this alert.  This subject was going door-to-door trying to learn what residents did for a living and trying to sell them stuff like magazine subscriptions and the sort.  This subject claimed to be part of a business that was no longer in business and would change his deceptive marketing campaign as he went along from neighbor to neighbor.  Police are very suspicious of this subject’s actions and want to caution residents to avoid potential scams such as this one.

Police are still trying to ID this subject, so if you know who he is, please contact us here.