Hot, Hit Cop Tip – Curfew, How it Works In Aransas Pass

This weeks Hot, Hit Cop Tip – Curfew, How it Works in Aransas Pass.

Recently, and no doubt because of extended holiday breaks, we have seen an increase in nighttime curfew violations. Since November 1st, 2014, officers cited 29 minors for violating the City’s curfew ordinance. And, did you know Aransas Pass PD has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy with curfew violators? For this weeks tip, we’re going to help explain the City’s curfew ordinance for all to understand.

Curfew in General

  • A minor is a person under 17 years of age or a person under 18 years of age if still enrolled in school.
  • Daytime curfew takes effect when APISD is in session and between the hours of 8 a.m. and 2:50 p.m., during school days.
  • Nighttime curfew takes effect everyday between the hours of 11 p.m. and 6 a.m..
  • Parents or legal guardians may be be charged for permitting a minor to violate curfew.
  • Any person who aids, facilitates or induces a minor to violate curfew, may be charged.


[toggle title=”ZERO TOLERANCE?? What’s that mean for me the minor?“]zero toleranceGreat question! Zero tolerance means if you get caught, you will be detained and issued a citation. Also, you may only be released to a parent, guardian, or other designee by your parent or guardian.

There are a few reasons why we have such a strict policy. One reason is, we have experienced many nighttime occurring crimes which bear the typical signs of juvenile mischief. Secondly, minors are more vulnerable to the dangers that lurk during the night.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”I’m cool with a ticket and my parents stay up late, so what’s it going to cost me?“]gavelWell now, that’s great news and thank you [or should we say thank your parents] for contributing to the City and State for your generous cash donation of $194.00. Oh yeah, and that’s just for one’s first curfew violation. Fines go up from there.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Okay, okay but I work at 5 a.m. each morning. Remember, I gotta start y’alls donuts & PIGS-in-a-blanket! So, what about me?“]I am so glad you asked!! This is a very important question that requires great clarification. There are defenses to the curfew ordinance, so let me share them with you now:


  1. The minor was accompanied by a parent;
  2. The minor was on an emergency errand;
  3. The minor, with parental consent, was in attendance of a meeting, dance, theater, sporting event, or other activity supervised by adults and sponsored by a school, church, civic organization, or other similar entity;
  4. The minor was engaged in lawful employment or volunteer work or going to or coming from such activity without detour or stop;
  5. The minor was in the yard of the place where the minor resides or in the yard of a place where the minor had permission from a parent or guardian to be;
  6. The minor was acting at the direction of a peace officer;
  7. The minor was in a motor vehicle involved in intrastate or interstate transportation with approval from a parent or guardian;
  8. The minor was emancipated at the time of the offense.



We truly hope this information is helpful. Our goal is not to issue more citations, but to work with our community by keeping you informed and aware of our public safety efforts. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns comment below, on Facebook , or simply email us. Likewise, if there’s a topic you would like to see discussed, let us know.