Know Your Money, Counterfeit on the Rise

Know Your Money, Counterfeit on the Rise – Since the beginning of May 2014, we’ve observed an influx of counterfeit US currency going around town.  In fact, we received a report yesterday from one local bank of several counterfeit bills being received by their branch.  According to bankers and law enforcement, the counterfeit markers that many companies use are not a truly effective means of identifying counterfeit bills, the most effective means are knowing the features all bills should contain.

The following information was put together by the Aransas Pass Police Department with assistance from a local bank and the US Secret Service:

First and foremost, inspect the color of the bill. Most counterfeit bills are easily distinguishable due to an “off color” appearance. Further upon close inspection, one will notice that the proportions and size of the bills are frequently incorrect.

Secondly, feel of the paper. US Currency is actually a linen/cotton paper and has a distinctive feel to it. US Currency paper is comprised of 25 percent linen and 75 percent cotton along with red and blue synthetic fibers of various lengths which are distributed evenly throughout the paper.

Thirdly, a lack of security features will be observed. The three easiest security features to check for are:

  1. A security thread with “USA TEN”, “USA TWENTY” etc. which is embedded vertically in the bill.
  2. A watermark of the portrait can be seen when holding the bill to the light.
  3. Color shifting ink for the numerical denomination in the lower right corner of the bill should appear as a copper/bronze color when viewed straight on and green when tilted to the side.

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[box style=”alert”]If you have information on individuals producing counterfeit US Currency, contact the Aransas Pass PD Investigations Division, or submit a tip anonymously via Tri-County Crime Stoppers at (800) 245-TIPS/8477 or online NOW at TCCS Online Tip Form. You could earn up to $1000.00 for your Crime Stoppers tip.[/box]