Marine 1 Responds to a Capsized Boat

Marine 1 Responds to a Capsized Boat – On Wednesday 6/27/2018 around 9 pm, Officers were dispatched to the ICW RV Park located on Ransom Road. The caller reported that a small boat had flipped over and 3-4 subjects were in the water right in the middle of the channel.

APPD Officers, APFD, and Tri-County EMS arrived on scene. APPD also launched Marine 1, the APPD police boat, and called for the assistance of the US Coast Guard. Coast Guard assisted by air, while Marine 1 assisted in the water.

Michael Stevens
Michael Stevens
Fortunately, the three subjects were able to return to their small craft and float to the pier where emergency crews were waiting. It was later determined that boat capsized due to the uneven weight distribution. The operator of the boat, Michael Stevens AGE 38, was found to be intoxicated and was arrested for boating while intoxicated. His blood alcohol concentration was nearly two times the legal limit.

None of the folks involved including responding emergency crews required medical attention nor was anyone seriously injured.