Message from the Chief – 75 Year Drug Conviction

Eloy Davila AGE 52
Sentence to 75 Years for Dealing Heroin by a San Patricio County Jury.

Good evening, folks. So, I have spent time reviewing comments on one of our recent Facebook posts, the one about Eloy Davila and his 75-year sentence in prison.

Some of the comments appear to be from those closest to Mr. Davila. Judging from the nature of the comments, there are those who feel Mr. Davila was arrested as a drug “addict” and not a drug dealer. It is important that we share more facts. After all, we have been charged with the duty of combating drugs and their proliferation throughout our community.

Eloy Davila is no stranger of crime. He chose a life of crime and has been living it for many years now. One family member told me Mr. Davila has been living this criminal lifestyle for over 20 years. Mr. Davila has been convicted as guilty in court for both possessing felony drugs and also for previously dealing in felony drugs. This latest conviction isn’t his first. To say he is nothing more than an addict is baseless and false. In fact, my officers arrested him during this latest case as he was about to deliver heroin again. How do I know? Because we ordered the heroin from him in an undercover operation. Not to mention, during that time he was also being sought by the State for a parole violation. This means he was given a chance to return to society and continued to flaunt the law. Mr. Davila chose to deal in Heroin, one of the most destructive opioids our community, state, and country has faced.

Some complain that his sentence is extremely disproportionate to the crime. I, unlike some in my field, would tend to agree. I do think the longer sentences should be reserved for child abusers and those who commit senseless crimes of violence. Contrary to some’s belief, I too feel that drug addiction and possession could be better addressed if we started treating the addict, not simply tossing them away.

With all that said, Mr. Davila is not someone I feel who could be rehabilitated. However, this is not up to me. Often, these longer sentences are a result of habitual offenders who continuously commit crimes and resist rehabilitation efforts. Mr. Davila is a career criminal who has chosen his lifestyle, chosen to spew this poison in our community, and chosen to roll the dice on spending the rest of his life in prison.

What some won’t tell you, is that Mr. Davila had a nice little plea deal on the table. He could have avoided his 75-year sentence had he taken it. Rather, Mr. Davila chose to roll the dice and play on the emotions of a jury.

Granted, Mr. Davila may have also been a heavy user but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t dealing. It’s not uncommon for dealers to deal in order to likewise support their own habit. We see that regularly. What is more of a first for us in AP, is that Mr. Davila basically sexually trafficked at least one female to play on her personal addiction.

The jury heard testimony from one female who had been struggling with addiction for the past couple of years. Mr. Davila exploited her sexually by supplying her Heroin, which she couldn’t afford. I believe in this situation, there could have been no greater evil than how Mr. Davila preyed on her through her vulnerabilities and addiction.

Lastly, our point in sharing the information as we did yesterday was to illustrate the point that drug dealing in Aransas Pass will not be tolerated. Not only are we here at APPD passionate about the hard and diligent work we do to combat it, but juries are also sick of it. As our San Patricio County Jury illustrated yesterday, peddling that heroin poison and preying on those struggling with addiction will not be tolerated in San Patricio County.

I thank my men and women within the PD, those with the San Patricio County District Attorney’s Office, and the members of this jury for helping send out this clear and resounding message.

If you or someone you know and love is struggling with addiction, please seek help. There are resources close to AP, and we’d love nothing more than to see you and your loved ones well and successful, rather than in a state of crisis like Mr. Davila and those he exploited by peddling this poison.

– Chief Eric Blanchard

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