Moratorium on Certain Animal Services

As a result of a recent animal abuse investigation and severe overcrowding inside the Aransas Pass Animal Shelter, I have implemented a moratorium on picking up new animals for introduction into our animal shelter facility.

Animal control officers will not house stray, loose, or trapped animals until this moratorium is lifted. We ask the public to work with us during this time by not trapping animals that cannot be re-homed elsewhere in the wild such as dogs or cats.

Animal control will still respond and assist the public with the following type of animal calls:

  1. Dangerous animals – The danger factor must be determined by the responding police or animal control officer.
  2. Severely injured animals – Animals that require immediate intervention for severe injury and suffering will be tended to by a responding animal control officer.

I apologize to our community for this inconvenience. We are working diligently on re-homing the population we have so that normal animal control services can be restored.

-Chief Blanchard