Murder/Suicide Investigation

Case #21-17831
Location: Withheld – San Patricio County Limits
09/15/2021 @ 10:56 p.m.

Late this past evening, APPD officers began an investigation into threats made by a male juvenile. The juvenile conveyed graphic images of dead individuals who he identified as his family who he had killed and shared on a social media platform. Further, he threatened to continue violence at an area school. Officers sensing the urgency in the information shared, began working on the case. Unbeknownst to APPD, the San Patricio County Sheriff’s office was likewise working on the case from a different complaint shared with them via Texas DPS.

Investigating officers from Ingleside PD, the Sheriff’s office, and APPD managed to track the male down to an RV he was known to be living at. They made contact with the male juvenile and asked him to step out of his residence. He refused. The officers heard a single gunshot and the thud of a person falling to the ground. Entry was made into the RV and immediately discovered the graphic scene shared over social media. The male juvenile was likewise found deceased from a gunshot wound. In total, investigators found 4 deceased bodies and 2 deceased dogs.

APPD officers have been closely working with APISD and IISD administration from the onset of this case. These close partnerships have been vital to this investigation. At this time, police remain confident there is no continuing threat to areawide students or staff.

A few notables from this event. We appreciate the close and collaborative partnerships of area law enforcement, Texas DPS, San Patricio County SO, and Ingleside PD. This team effort worked swiftly to end this very valid threat. Last, but even more importantly, we appreciate the social media website and the other juveniles within the group where the threat was made. Had it not been for their speedy action and continued support, we might well have been working on an even more tragic event later this morning. Thank you.

Our hearts go out to the family members and close friends affected by this event. They remain in our thoughts and prayers.

If you, or someone you know, suffers from mental health-related issues or is contemplating suicide, please call 800-273-8255 (TALK) or visit Support for people who are deaf and hard of hearing can be reached by calling 800-799-4889.

For any further media requests for information, please contact Sheriff Oscar Rivera at 361-364-9600.


As with all rapidly evolving events, the information shared is subject to change or correction. When new information becomes available or a correction/update is needed, those updates will append to this original release.