Notice to Residents, Possible Low Water Pressure

Possible low water pressure, discoloration may occur for customers Beginning November 9, 2013, the City of Aransas Pass will prepare the Avenue A Ground Storage Tank for maintenance work that will start on Monday, November 11. While work is being completed, City of Aransas Pass water customers may experience low water pressure and discoloration. Although water may be discolored, the water has been treated and is still safe for drinking. The water should not taste differently during this time.

The Public Works Department advises customers to wait on washing any clothes or fabrics that could possibly be stained by discolored water until discoloration has ceased. In addition, customers should not attempt to boil water in cookware in order to prevent any potential staining on those items. Discoloration and low water pressure should only last one to two days.

Maintenance work will also be completed on the South Commercial Ground Storage Tank and the Elevated Water Tower in the coming months. Possible low water pressure and discoloration may occur while work is being performed on those as well. The City will notify customers in advance of the occurrence. For more information, please call the Public Works Department at (361) 758-2441.