On Behalf of Chauvin, LA – Thank You, AP!

This event was a huge success, AP! Thank you!!

The support received from AP and many others within the Coastal Bend was quite remarkable and very much appreciated, as you see. Those involved in delivering your gracious offerings, donations were Rosemary Vega (Chamber), Courtney Figueroa (Chamber), Sarah Lee (City), Stephanie Diaz (City), Jack McCarty (City), Tito Villarreal (City), Michael Bonner (City), Linda Arismendez (City), and myself, Eric Blanchard (City). Each of these individuals also serves a particular role within the City of Aransas Pass Emergency Management Division. In addition, the Aransas Pass Chamber of Commerce staff supports the City as the Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters (VOAD) component in an emergency management event. In addition to providing much-needed relief, City and Chamber staff received logistical training from this exercise.  

Just as many Louisianans did for us during Hurricane Harvey in 2017, we fell into a position where we could return support for our Lousiana neighbors. Immediately following Hurricane Ida, this team sprung into action to work on setting up collection points and taking in your overwhelming, much-appreciated contributions. In all, we packed a 26 foot U-Haul trailer full of donated supplies. We also received just over $12,000.00 in cash contributions. WOW! All of these contributions went toward funding this relief effort for the community of Chavin, Lousiana.  

Hurricane Ida ravished this small community which remained out of electricity and running water while we visited. According to one Chavin council member, the town was not expecting running water or electricity to be restored anytime soon.  

Your AP relief crew handed out over 500 hot meals (hamburgers cooked fresh) with all fresh toppings, a bag of chips, and cases of water. In addition, Chauvin residents could drive through our make-shift store and pick up essentials from local volunteers who helped us with organization and distribution. All leftovers were turned over to the 7th Ward distribution center established and ran by the Cajun Army, US Army National Guard, and local officials. 

Though we do not know who all of you are, and most do not wish to be recognized for their contribution generally, we must mention those of you we do know.


Adam Gwaracki,

Voestalpine Texas,

Robert & Diana Weber,

Joyce & Thomas Kromer,

Virginia & J. Vincent Zorn,

Joseph & Paula Gandara,

Anonymous contributors (several),

BC Smith Inspection Services, LLC,

Ella Moore,

James & Tresia Metz,

Genew S.,

Samantha Shead,

Donald Brummett,

Gerald Hays,

Rotary Club,

Allen Samuels Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram of AP,

Taggart Motor Company – Anonymous Employee, 

Linda & Tom Doran,

Mills Construction,

Dawson’s Recycling, 

Wanese Butler,

Richard Palmietto,

Tx Coastal Comfort Solutions, LLC,

Aileen & Donald Gillespie,

Kathy & Frank Wells,

Sydia Cortez,

Dr. David & Sandra Blanchard,  

Rosalee Smith,

Alegra Spin,

Olga & Javier Lopez,

Ronnie & Meg Reese,

John & Kelsey Durham – Coastal Suites,

Jason & Robin Reid,

G&S Marine,

Donut Palace,

Jon & Helen Shaver,

Randi Hernandez – Lowes Store Manager,

Nancy Hernandez,

Crossroads Church & its membership,

EOG Resources,

Coastal Bend Crossing Apartments.