Police Training Tools

In the pursuit of excellence and continued education, the Aransas Pass Police Department has purchased new training equipment to provide the best and most realistic training possible to both our law enforcement officers and law enforcement officers from around the area. With the addition of both the RedMan Suit and the Taser Suit we will be able to improve the quality of our force-on-force training program. Training knives and punching bags were also purchased.

This new equipment used in conjunction with the Simuntion training equipment [purchased last year] will provide officers with training that is as fluid as the situations they deal with on a daily basis. The Aransas Pass Police Department strives to provide officers with the best training equipment available to assist in providing them with the best training experience possible. The community we serve deserves the best and the only way to improve the quality of service is to improve the quality of the training, in turn improving the quality of officer serving our community.

The Aransas Pass Police Department also likes to provide this top-of-the-line training to our surrounding agencies to improve the quality of service provided to all. After all, we all share the same problems within our adjoining communities, not to mention we all travel amongst the adjoining communities.

The Aransas Pass Police Department would like you to met Red & Shock, these two bad guys are ready for a fight. Red can handle being kicked, punched, kneed, and struck with a baton; Shock can withstand multiple Taser hits and keep on fighting. Officers are in for a fight when dealing with Red & Shock!

Some New Training Tools:

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