School Lock Down, Information Release

Earlier this morning Aransas Pass ISD, working together with the Police Department, decided to put the school campuses on lock-down. As a courtesy to the community, we are collectively releasing more information about this event.

This morning, police received a third party threat that an individual who is an enrolled student with APISD had threatened to harm his family, responding police officers, and himself. As a result of that threat, police notified the school as a precautionary measure. Further, the school and police decided to keep campuses securely locked to prevent unauthorized access onto school grounds.

At this time, we cannot substantiate the veracity of the threat or the likelihood that any act of violence will be carried out. However, we are working with school administration and continuing in our cautious response. Police are also seeking the individual said to be posing the threat to determine what further course of action needs to be taken.

As more information becomes available, we will release it here.

UPDATE 2:08 pm:

As information is shared, some have a tendency to excite or add unto the message. As a result, the message transformed from being a threat on LE and a family member to being a direct threat made towards the school.

At this time, we cannot confirm that any threat has been made directly against the school, students, or faculty. Further, the juvenile in question is not in school nor do we believe, at this time, that the juvenile will show up at school.

When we became aware that the original information had been changed around and had started causing elevated concern, we moved to release information to the public immediately.

As more information becomes available we will update y’all again.