Traffic Stop, Search Warrant, Seizure

Information Release:

On Thursday 05/09/2013 at 12:50 p.m., Chief Eric Blanchard and Patrol Captain Mark Flores were on patrol around the area of Matlock and 9th Street. Capt. Flores observed a drug transaction occurring between a male driver inside a silver PT Cruiser and a male subject standing at the passenger door. Capt. Flores and Chief Blanchard pulled in front of the vehicle and discovered that the driver was a suspected narcotics dealer within Aransas Pass, Tx. Chief Blanchard and Capt. Flores made contact with the driver and other male subject. The driver was found to be in possession of heroin which was packaged for delivery. The driver, Rene Davila, was arrested and his vehicle was seized.

Once at the jail, Detective, Sergeant Leo Martinez was able to establish information linking to the driver’s residence to the offense of possession and delivery of illegal narcotics. Chief Blanchard obtained a search warrant for Rene’s residence, and investigators with the police department converged on the location to serve the warrant. During the search, police found 4.4 ounces of heroin (Street Value of $5,400.00) both inside the residence and buried in the front yard of the residence. Police also located approximately $3,300.00 in US Currency, some of which had been hidden inside the wall of the suspect’s residence. CPS was called in for a small child at the location. Both the child and mother were removed from the location by CPS. No other arrests were made.

Currently, Rene Davila is in jail for possession of the heroin and may be pending further federal charges. Police will attempt to to seize two vehicles, the US Currency, and the residence (543 S. Rife), all of which were used in the commission of this crime.