Another Illegal Dumper Arrested in the Act

Yesterday, 01/06/2021, just after 2:45 p.m., three visitors from Kansas observed a couple back into a remote location known for fishing near the Dale Miller Bridge. The couple got out of their vehicle, and the male began to unload some granite countertops into the brush on the seawall.  Though the female was present, she did not assist in the illegal dumping. 

Casey Followell AGE 30

The witnesses from Kansas yelled and whistled at the couple letting them know they were being watched. They also recorded the activity on their smartphone and later turned the video over to the police.  The suspect Casey Followell apparently didn’t seem to care he was being watched and continued to dump the items onto the seawall. 

After finishing the dumping, Followell and the female engaged one another in lewd activities. The two were actively engaged in lewd acts when interrupted by responding officers. Followell initially denied the illegal dumping stating he did not dump anything, but after being pressed explained he only dumped the material so he and the female could engage in the lewd activity.

Followell was arrested for class B Illegal dumping. The weight of trash was 299 lbs.  

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