Crystal’s Dispatch Training

Each February, we dedicate a training event specific to dispatchers in honor of our late Communications Supervisor, Crystal Bath. Crystal was also a huge supporter of dispatch training, a trainer herself, and always strived to bring more dispatch training to our area.

February of 2020 was the first South Texas TCO Symposium, which was the creation of Crystal and Asst. Chief Pearce (Ret.). Sadly, Crystal was not with us to see the next symposium, which was renamed the Crystal Bath Memorial TCO Symposium.

Since then, we have continued the tradition of specialized dispatch training each February. We host this training and invite dispatchers from across the state to attend at no cost.

This year, we hosted “Dispatcher John” with Ameri-Prep and his 8-hour course on Defeating Dispatch Drama. We welcomed 42 attendees for this course, which included dispatchers, officers, investigators, and department administrators from across the state.

We are proud to be able to continue offering dispatch-specific training in Crystal’s honor.