Dialogue with a Wanted Suspect


***UPDATE*** Megan Martinez turned herself in at APPD today, 07/09/2021 @2 pm. We do appreciate all the tips that rolled in on this case, but sometimes the pressure alone is enough to get a person to do the right thing.

First, thanks for the reminder. Now, let us reflect back on this case. It grew from the last time we shared it publicly.

Remember this post about the loaded U-Haul? Well, it all started back on June 3, 2021, around 12:49 a.m., when officers were sent to a shots-fired call. 

When the officers arrived, they spoke with Megan Martinez and asked her about what happened. Martinez was not cooperative and vague with her answers. Ultimately, her story didn’t match the evidence at the scene, but she was clearly involved in the situation. It turns out Martinez was also in possession of a stolen firearm.  

Megan Martinez AGE 33

Police continued to delve deeper and established a belief that the U-Haul was being used in a crime spree. Investigators felt the U-Haul concealed more stolen property.  

A district judge issued a search warrant, and investigators searched the U-Haul. Detectives recovered stolen property belonging to victims in several different cases. The victims were contacted, statements were obtained, and their items returned. 

Martinez was again questioned but remained uncooperative. Multiple items in her possession, such as mail and other personal documents, had the victims’ names. Presented with this fact, Martinez remained defiant and refused to help investigators return the stolen property to the rightful owners.

Detectives obtained another search warrant for a personal storage unit in Martinez’s name. Again, investigators located and recovered more stolen property. 

Martinez remains out on the lamb, hiding from law enforcement. But that hasn’t stopped her from reaching out to us. In fact, her efforts have focused our attention back on this case. We share this information with you in hopes you can help us end her crime spree and bring her in, to account for her criminality.  

Martinez currently has two active felony warrants – theft of a firearm and burglary of a building. We do anticipate the issuance of additional warrants as well.  

*Previously unpublished out of respect for a recent death in the suspect’s family. Republished in the interest of justice.