First Response Medical

Last week we concluded our final Active Attack Response course for the summer. This course was a 3-day train the trainer course on First Response Medical. The course was completely grant-funded and put on by ALERRT (Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training). Participants from Aransas Pass PD, Tri-County EMS, and Aransas Pass Fire Department represented us locally. We also had attendees from Ingleside PD, Portland PD, Del Rio PD, T.A.B.C., and the University of Texas PD.

This course is intended for Police, Fire, and EMS personnel and focuses on the Rescue Task Force aspect of emergency response to an active attack. This means getting medical assistance into a rapidly evolving situation before the all-clear has been given. This course also focused on teaching our Law Enforcement Officers some additional medical skills they can use in a situation before the Rescue Task Force can arrive.

This course is similar to our Self-Aid, Buddy-Aid class we do yearly, but this one is more advanced and will be replacing that class in the future.

Here are a few pictures from this training. Special thanks to ALERRT for teaching these classes this summer and thanks to all the attendees who trained with us over the last couple of months.