Independence Day Celebration

Independence Day Celebration 2022

This year’s Independence Day celebration happens at Conn Brown Harbor Park on Saturday, July 2nd. Fireworks will blast off promptly at 9:15 p.m., barring any unforeseen events. Please take note of these important details related to the event.

Parking & Traffic Restrictions to Note

Independence Day Celebration - No Parking

Parking is limited. DO NOT drive on or over the walking paths or curbs. There will be barriers set up and violators will be cited.

No Man’s Land is exactly what it means. Do not park or venture into the red-shaded areas. The only exception here is those business owners on the north-eastern portion of the red area and those operating the fireworks equipment.

Parking violations could result in towing due to safety requirements. In addition, violations of the traffic plan could also cause damage to the, still newly constructed, walking trail. Such damage could result in criminal charges. Again, DO NOT DRIVE on or across the walking path except through open and obviously designated inlets and exits.

Alternate Viewing Area

Don’t forget you can observe the display from our wonderful flatlands across the Dale Miller Bridge. If available this year, you might also be able to tune in and hear the radio broadcast from that location (more details to follow if the broadcast is to happen.)

Have some questions? Message us, we’ll try to clarify.

Planning to Pop Fireworks, HERES WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW!

In general, it’s ILLEGAL to pop fireworks inside the City Limits. If we catch you, you will receive a ticket. It’s far too dangerous, especially under these extremely dry conditions. Don’t be the one responsible for burning down your neighbor’s house, or worse – YOURS!

The City does not prohibit the discharge of fireworks in the incorporated sections of Nueces County (east of the Dale Miller bridge) not otherwise connected to the Aransas Pass City Limits mainland. Our city ordinance outlines this law for you.

Here’s an illustration of the ordinance.

AP Fireworks on Flats

Happy Independence Day, AP!