New Years Fireworks Trash – How can you Help?


New Years Fireworks Trash – How can you Help?

So, what do we mean “how can you help?” It’s simple, clean up and leave it better than you found it. The last several holidays celebrated with fireworks have resulted in our flatlands being trashed. This wouldn’t happen if everyone cleaned up after themselves.

We’re trying something new this New Years Eve. City workers will be cruising the flats, handing out heavy duty trash bags. All you need to do is fill it up! Once filled, you may properly dispose of it yourself or simply leave it behind for us to pick up later. If you leave it behind, seal it well and position where we can see it and it will not blow away, come apart, or pollute our waters.

Aransas Pass prides itself on allowing residents and visitors to pop fireworks on our beautiful flatlands. So long as we all do our part, Aransas Pass can remain the only city in the Coastal Bend known for being friendly to those who enjoy popping fireworks.

At the same time, Aransas Pass Officers will be staking out litterbugs. If you leave behind a scattered or piled mess, or if you take this time to illegally dump other trash, you’ll be facing a stiff penalty and maybe even a night in jail. It’s not worth it!

Thank you all for helping keep Aransas Pass beautiful!

Know where to pop fireworks, view our map.