New Ordinances, Affecting Our Community

The City of Aransas Pass has recently modified or added a few new ordinances to the Aransas Pass Code of Ordinances. To remain up-to-date on the changing laws, we would like to share the following council approved and adopted ordinances. Further, these ordinances will be or have been formally publicized in the local newspaper. Upon publication in the news paper, these ordinances take full effect.

Should you require further information on these new ordinances, please contact the Aransas Pass Police Department at 361-758-5224.

New Ordinances:

Camping Ordinance [PDF Version]

Previously Adopted Ordinances:

Aggressive Solicitation

Cell Phone Use Prohibited

Sex Offender Residency Restriction

Camping Permit and Offense This ordinance has been modified by the one listed above.

Daytime/Nighttime Curfew

Junk Vehicle Abatement

Junk Vehicle Offense

Peddler/Vendor Permit and Offense