New Ordinance, Affecting Our Community

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New Ordinance, Affecting Our Community – On Monday, March 7th, 2016, City Council voted final approval for ordinance #2016-4141, a modification to the Aransas Pass Sex Offender Residency ordinance.

These modifications add protections for children within our community.  There are two big changes that directly impact registered sex offenders while they are within the City of Aransas Pass.  These changes include (1) prohibition on sex offender loitering in child safety zones and (2) the inclusion of school bus stops as protected areas for the purposes of loitering.


Sec.18-80. Definitions;

“Bus Stop” means any location actively being used by the Aransas Pass Independent School District (APISD) or any Texas ISD for the purposes of loading and unloading a child.

Sec. 18-81. Offenses;

(c)  It is unlawful for a sex offender to knowingly loiter on the grounds of or a public way within (500) feet of a child safety zone or bus stop while a child is present within the location or on the grounds of the child safety zone or bus stop and to approach, contact, or communicate with a child.

(d)  The distances of one thousand, five hundred (1,500) feet and five hundred (500) feet shall be measured on a straight line from the closest boundary line of the sex offender or sex offender’s residence to the closest boundary line of the child safety zone or bus stop.

Sec. 18-82. Exceptions.

(7)  Section 18-81(d) does not apply:

(i)  to a sex offender who is the parent or legal guardian of a person under 17 years while the child is present within the child safety zone or bus stop, or
(ii)  to a sex offender while the sex offender is using the services of a government-owned public library or involved in the services of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Service – Child Protective Services Division;

(8)  Has a medical condition or is the legal care provider for one with a medical condition that requires residency in violation of this chapter, and only when an approval waiver has been granted by the Chief of Police or City Council.

Effective Date

Immediately upon publication, Thursday 03/10/2016.


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