Press Release – Burglar Gets 25 Years



Monday, June 2, 2014

Local Burglar Sentenced to 25 Years, TDC

ARANSAS PASS, TEXAS –  The Aransas Pass Police Department wants to thank the community for their support back in October of 2013 when a viewer saw this posting: and placed a crime stoppers tip to police.  Sgt. Chris Ramirez was able to run with the tip, tracking down the suspect along with gathering more evidence against the suspect, Boydt E. Lowell AGE 26.
In all, police were able to link Lowell to two burglaries of one residence.  There was one other burglary in the same neighborhood at the time but Lowell could not be linked to that crime.  The video and images we released were obtained from a local department store as Lowell went in to return the victim’s items for money.  Lowell just happened to steal the clothing along with the receipt.
This week Aransas Pass Police received word that Lowell’s crime spree landed him a 25 year prison sentence.  This is one fine example of what happens when you mix good policing coupled with stern, strict prosecution and community support and collaboration.  Thank you staff, thank you Mr. District Attorney (San Patricio County), and most especially, thank you community for stepping up on this one and helping us send a clear message throughout Aransas Pass, Texas that we will not tolerate burglars and thieves running amuck within our community.