Sexual Assault / Family Violence Investigators

Last week we hosted two Sexual Assault Family Violence Investigator courses. The first course was a three-day course designed for patrol officers and investigators, and the second course was a one-day course specific to Telecommunications Officers. These courses were put on by SAFVIC and are completely grant-funded. We had 16 in attendance for the Investigators course, including 9 of our own. For the Telecommunications course, we had 22 dispatchers attend, including 5 of our own.

These courses are required for Police Officers to be certified as Sexual Assault Investigators through the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE). The telecommunications course teaches dispatchers what to look for and what to ask while communicating with victims of sexual assault or family violence situations. They also learn what they can do to assist the victim on the initial 911 call and how they can help keep responding officers safe.

Special thanks to instructor Judy Cervenka with TGL for providing this awesome training for our area.