60 Months, Federal Prison for one Prolific Drug Dealer

You may remember back in May 10, 2013 when we shared with you this case. Rene Davila AGE 53 was stopped on a traffic stop when he was observed selling illegal narcotics to another. After arresting Rene Davila, the police searched his residence and found over 4.4 ounces of heroin (Street Value of $5,400.00) and $3,300.00 in US Currency. Now, Rene Davila will be heading to federal prison!

Officers from the Aransas Pass Police Department who are also assigned to the DEA Task Force adopted the case and filed it in federal court. As a result, Rene Davila will spend the next 60 months in federal custody. After completing the prison term, Rene Davila will be released on a very strict supervised release program for another 5 years. Rene Davila is also required to undergo an intense drug treatment program which will start while he is in prison.

In addition to his sentence, one of Rene Davila’s vehicles and the $3,300.00 in US Currency were seized and forfeited to the Aransas Pass Police Department.

To read the original publication and see images from the event visit this post: https://police.aptx.gov/traffic-stop-search-warrant-seizure/.