Anticipated Traffic Disruption, Take Note

Beginning as soon as next Tuesday (8/3/2021), windmill moving contractors plan to transport upwards of 75 windmill blades through Aransas Pass City limits. This transportation project will cause traffic disruption due to the need of the transportation crew having to drive against the flow of traffic while traveling northwest on Harrison Blvd. The company anticipates …

Murder Investigation


Robbery Suspect Arrested

Remember this case? This past evening, fine police work paid …

Independence Day Celebration

This year’s Independence Day celebration will occur at Conn Brown Harbor …

Water Crisis, Aransas Pass – Final Release

Just as quickly as it began, it was over. And, …


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HeadlinePublic Safety

Water Crisis, Aransas Pass – Final Release

Just as quickly as it began, it was over. And, thank the Good Lord and all those who helped make …

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Megan Martinez AGE 33
HeadlinePolice Blotter

Dialogue with a Wanted Suspect

First, thanks for the reminder. Now, let us reflect back on this case. It grew from the last time we …

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Monthly Council Stats Report
Public Safety

Monthly Public Safety Report – May 2021

Each month, we provide a report to the City Council on department activities. We also make that report accessible to …

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Chief's MessageHeadline

Constitutional Carry (Texas version)… it’s coming…

Folks often ask me, “Are you for or against constitutional carry in Texas?” My general answer is – it really …

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